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Non - woven equipment control system software main function

author: comefrom: createdate:2017-2-26 22:24:56 hits:0 commentnum:0

       First, the non-woven equipment PLC logic processing power and computing processing capacity of the program, which is characterized by modular, standardized programming methods, in the program debugging or modification, only need to modify the corresponding module, so that it can make it Easy to read, structured, more importantly, easy to debug process. PLC program is a key to the operation of the system, determines the organic work across the board;

       Secondly, for human-computer interaction problems. In the main interface using scripting language to achieve functional shortcuts, click the touchpad can be cut into the unit extension of the screen, in order to achieve man-machine dialogue. Production line production speed is very fast, for the realization of the synchronization requirements are also high, in the design should be fully taken into account this feature, therefore, the use of synchronous control. Panning machine, winding machine drive frequency converter AC data content, mainly through the PLC data interface. If you want to achieve a satisfactory dynamic effect, it is necessary to achieve digital communication and production line lifting speed is a good dynamic effect. In order to ensure the synchronization function between the laying machine and the winding machine, the winding machine also has a tension control system.

       The tension of the winding machine is a very important part, on the basis of synchronous control, increases the tension control. Its role is very large, can a greater extent affect the quality of the product, as well as the stability of the winding machine tension is one of its factors. Then, the tension controller is particularly important, it can transfer the control signal to the PLC, and then through the tension control program, you can tightly adjust the tension control system to ensure that the winding machine tension control dynamic and stability.

      Touch-screen human-computer interaction system is also a very important one, is an important part of the production line. Touch screen provides a very advanced and user-friendly human-computer interaction interface, the operation of the touchpad click on the screen, and then pop up the corresponding menu, very convenient. Dynamic sub-display equipment in the work of the main parameters and working status, and can be modified and set. Mainly: display function, parameter settings, historical trend records, alarm inquiries, report production, authorization management and online help and so on.