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Non-woven equipment features

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     Now all walks of life are in development, have their own progressive space machinery industry is not to say that its application is very extensive. In the machinery industry, the use of non-woven equipment to bring a lot of convenience, then some people know that non-woven equipment design features?

    In the non-woven equipment, not only the equipment production capacity need to adapt to each other, and their size should be based on the overall arrangement of the situation with each other to adapt. To save the area, to facilitate the production and management, so that the workshop neat, beautiful. Extinguishing is one of the important tasks of nonwovens machinery. In the design of the machine structure, the exhaust should not be returned to the raw cotton impurities, impurities and flying do not fly to the workshop, as far as possible the design of automatic elimination of impurities in order to improve the working conditions of workers.

    In addition to cotton from the role of cotton, but also play a role in ensuring uniform cotton. The amount of cotton in the cotton box to be controlled in a certain; in the Wai, the output of the rear machine to be slightly larger than the front of the machine production. According to the amount of cotton in the cotton stock to control the rear of the machine to feed the parts to start and stop. but. For thugs, fans and other high-speed, large inertia parts, but not frequently open stop. This should be noted when designing the drive system. In the design of open cotton machinery. It should also be noted that the mechanical parts of the general, easy adjustment of process parameters. Should be reduced as far as possible dependent on manual intervention. And gradually realize the computer-centric design of mechanical and electrical integration and production process control automation direction.

    Above is the Qingdao striker for everyone to introduce the non-woven equipment design features.